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“Creativity Takes Courage.” Henri Matisse

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Designing For the real world

According to my parents, I showed an artistic inclination even before I could walk. However, it wasn’t until I attended college that I realized one could actually make a living through designing and drawing. The stereotype of the starving artist is widespread, but if you look around, you’ll notice that everything has a designer behind it, working to convert ideas into practical forms for people.

Today’s real-world demands are incredibly diverse, requiring individuals to adapt to various scenarios and fulfill requests within ever-shorter time frames. The emergence of AI has been a tremendous help in expediting certain tasks. While some people fear losing their jobs to AI, there’s no need for immediate worry. Instead, it’s crucial to understand AI and use it as just another tool at our disposal. With the right approach, AI can be harnessed to enhance creativity and efficiency without posing a threat to our livelihoods.

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a passion for creating, whether it’s through drawing, painting, or writing. However, everything changed when I took a campus tour at MCCC just a few weeks before classes began. The moment I stepped into the Art Barn, I was captivated by what was happening inside. It was a revelation – I knew deep down that art and design were my true calling. From that point on, my life’s trajectory shifted permanently, and I am still living that dream to this day. The experience at MCCC solidified my path, and I am grateful for the inspiration that continues to drive my artistic journey.

Describing a God-given talent is best understood through the analogy of someone sitting down at a piano for the first time and effortlessly playing beautiful music. In my case, it’s akin to sitting down with a pen and paper, and effortlessly drawing while comprehending colors, proportions, and perspective. Drawing is second nature to me, and I have an inherent ability to evaluate other people’s designs across various domains – from car engines to airplane seats, fabric patterns to typefaces, and even lawn signs. It’s an unending journey for me – a continuous quest to seek perfection in existing designs, always looking to improve them or drawing inspiration for future creations. This God-given talent is both a blessing and an insatiable passion that drives me to explore and elevate the world of design.

Working With Me

Design • Motion Graphics • UX/UI

With my extensive skill set, I offer you a gateway to years of experience and knowledge, ultimately saving you valuable time, energy, and money. My primary aim is to foster the growth of your business by providing a professional array of marketing materials that will undoubtedly distinguish your company from the competition.

The process commences with attentive listening, understanding your ideas, and aligning them with concrete projects. I specialize in crafting a unified and coherent message that resonates across various media platforms, including social media, print, email, presentations, tradeshows, and the web. This comprehensive approach ensures that your business receives the exposure it rightly deserves, paving the way for its success.


Recent Work

Design • Motion Graphics • Ui/X

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”

Vincent van Gogh

“To create one’s own world takes courage.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

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